Photoshop Experiments

Experiment 1: BlueBird

Class: Electronic Media
Goal: Today we finally got our pens to go with the tablet screens. In class we were experimenting with the different brushes in Photoshop CS6, creating our own brushes, and experimenting with pen pressure. I love these screens, it’s just like painting, without having to deal with mixing paint. Later we took our images into Cinema4D, but this is the image I did quickly in class while I was playing around.
Tools: Photoshop, Wacom Tablet screen + Cintiq Pen

Experiment 2: Black Sheep


PEN Canada

PEN Canada Promotional Poster

School Project for :
Illustrative Visual Strategies
Goal: We were given 4 companies to chose from. I chose PEN Canada, because I was very interested in their cause. They are an organization dedicated to freedom of expression. This is a quote from their website: “PEN Canada works on behalf of writers, at home and abroad, who have been forced into silence for writing the truth as they see it.”
17″ x 22″
Time: 12 hours
Media: Ink and graphite

PEN Canada Promotional Journal

School Project for :
Illustrative Visual Strategies
Goal: Stage 2 of the project was to design a 3 Dimensional piece of merchandise to send out as a promotional. I chose a journal.
Time: 5 hours
Media: Ink and graphite image on a photograph of a suede journal. Image is the following: