Tech Designs for Romina Russell’s “Zodiac” Novels


– Zodiac Technology from the book series “Zodiac” by Romina Russell

I’m a big fan of drawing fantasy weapons and talismans, but this is my first set of a more sci fi nature. They are made for the universe of the Zodiac books by Romina Russell. The author is incredibly kind and fantastic. You can read more about the book series here. I’m crazy about her books, and can’t wait for the last book to come out! It’ll be on the shelves in Coles/Chapters/Indigo around December 6th.
These are the computer-like devices used in the different constellation systems that the lovely author @rominagarber invented. I can’t wait to read more about the Scorpio paintbrushes in the third book!

Author’s Website


Sweet Strawberry -Surface Design Series

BarSoap  OvenMitt
Towel Apron

Sweet Strawberry Series: Illustrated pattern project mock-ups, a summer reminder while its cold outside.
– Patterned Bar Soap, Oven Mitt, Hand Towel, and Apron.  

– Watercolor and ink on coldpress watercolor paper
– 30cm by 10cm painting

Colour Psychology Roughs – Red Bridges

Colour psychology has always been an interest of mine, which has easily seeped into my illustration.  I love learning and utilizing it with every piece I do, making itself into a powerful tool.

This first spot illustration was my experimenting with the idea of taking two colours with very conflicting messages (Light blue – serenity, calm, optimism. Red – action, aggression, passion)
My interpretation of the image is a feeling of hope and promise that comes with making a new connection with someone. A mix of the optimistic sky blue, and the action of vibrant red.

The Red Bride Roughs were inspired by the statistics that found red bridges and cars have far more accidents than any other colour. As well, red bridges statistically have many more suicides. Red grabs attention and focus, and encourages action. In these cases, that is a negative.

Some reading on Colour Psychology: New York Times


Sketchbook Spots Continued


A few more spot illustrations in my recently finished sketchbook.
The first spot was inspired by little drawn perfume bottle (it was the illustrated tester paper in stores)

The sheepdog was a little doodle I did while my good friend and roommate was telling me about the band SheepdogsHer cousin is a member of the band, and this little sheep came to mind.

Emotion Bestiary

These illustrations are intended for a book, specifically a bestiary detailing the behvaiours, dangers and coping mechanisms associated with different emotions. These emotions are shown as beasts. This bestiary would be a guide for navigating through the world of your mind, and how to defeat bad emotions, and encourage good ones.

This was executed for my Thesis class for my final year at Sheridan. Everything was of my creation, including concept and research.

SamRussell_Fear    SamRussell_ContentLove

is a shape shifter, a stalker made of smoke. It will feed on every worry and build itself up until you turn around and face it.
Tranquility and Love are sister spites. Tranquility is made of blue skies and still waters. Love is a storm that turns twisted when separated from her sister. They must be sought out and cherished.

SamRussell_Misery    SamRussell_GuiltShame

Misery is a slow-moving harpy, grounded by broken wings. If you give in to her siren’s embrace, your energy drains away. She must always be fought.
Guilt and Shame are brother tricksters, made of stone. They will hide their true natures, and try to trap you. They cannot be trusted. You must never listen to them, no matter what you see or hear.

SamRussell_Frivolity   SamRussell_Rage

Frivolity is a childish sprite, made of light and song. She wreaks havoc if left to run amok. She must always be bound, but never too tight for she is also Joy.
Rage is a screaming beast, made of molten heat and lightning speed. He often keeps company with Fear. He must be waited out with immobile patience.