Variant Covers for “Crewel World” Series

AlteredSmall UnraveledSmall
– Variant covers for the Crewel World series by Gennifer Albin

c_crewelThis project has a bit of a backstory: The first novel of the trilogy (Crewel) had a very unique cover design by Christian Fuenfhausen, as seen on the left.The subsequent covers had a very different look, and where designed by Larry Restant. The first book was reprinted with a new cover, also designed by him, to match. Now all copies of the triology have the matching covers (as seen bellow).

– Original cover of the novel in the series, “Crewel”

This project was an attempt to make a new set of the 2nd and 3rd books to compliment Christian Fuenfhausen’s cover. Now there is an alternative set for readers to choose from, if they were fans of that first book’s original design.

Crewel_FINAL_CVR altered albin Altered– Complete set by Larry Restant