Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland Collage Studies

School Project for: Media Studies
Two pieces I’m very fond of. They were quick collage practice inspired by Alice in Wonderland.
Size: Aprox. 6″ square
Media: A variety of different types of paper, chocolate wrapper, plastic, and acrylic paint.



Miscellaneous 2nd Year Projects

The Inspiration Cycle

School Project for: Electronic Media
Size: 14″ by 7″
Media: Ink, charcoal, and digital painting

Map of Atlantis

Merchant Ship Rosalie: A Map of Atlantis

School Project for: Narrative Illustration
We where given the task to chose a ship or airplane that disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle, and were instructed to tell it’s story while giving an explanation for what happened to it while in the triangle. I chose the doomed voyage of merchant vessel Rosalie, who met it’s end in the power crystals of Atlantis.
Media: Watercolor and Acrylic on watercolor paper

Sketchbook Exploration: Trying out mixed media, focus on the 5Gum brand wrapper.
Size: 11″ by 8.5″
Media: Pencil crayon, ink, napkin, gum wrapper.