Painted Life Drawing Gestures


I’ve always found life drawing very meditative, but I especially like using watercolor and ink for speed work. I tried out using gouache and acrylic as well, which was much more fun than I was expecting.


Custom Sketchbooks


il_fullxfull.495387810_rdfxA few custom sketchbooks I’ve made as gifts or sold.
Its a lot of fun -I’ve started adding a bright colour or pattern to the inside front and back of all my notebooks and sketchbooks. It adds a little something nice when you open up the book.

Resin Acorn Necklaces


My latest experiments with resin resulted in some pretty cute pieces of jewellery.
I sold some at fan expo, and the extras I’ve put up on my etsy store; here

I love putting dried flowers or leaves in them. I made one for myself – cute accessory plus free advertising!
I’ve also made a few trades with artist friends with these.
Don’t you love having artist friends, they help feed your addiction to pretty things.

Emotion Bestiary

These illustrations are intended for a book, specifically a bestiary detailing the behvaiours, dangers and coping mechanisms associated with different emotions. These emotions are shown as beasts. This bestiary would be a guide for navigating through the world of your mind, and how to defeat bad emotions, and encourage good ones.

This was executed for my Thesis class for my final year at Sheridan. Everything was of my creation, including concept and research.

SamRussell_Fear    SamRussell_ContentLove

is a shape shifter, a stalker made of smoke. It will feed on every worry and build itself up until you turn around and face it.
Tranquility and Love are sister spites. Tranquility is made of blue skies and still waters. Love is a storm that turns twisted when separated from her sister. They must be sought out and cherished.

SamRussell_Misery    SamRussell_GuiltShame

Misery is a slow-moving harpy, grounded by broken wings. If you give in to her siren’s embrace, your energy drains away. She must always be fought.
Guilt and Shame are brother tricksters, made of stone. They will hide their true natures, and try to trap you. They cannot be trusted. You must never listen to them, no matter what you see or hear.

SamRussell_Frivolity   SamRussell_Rage

Frivolity is a childish sprite, made of light and song. She wreaks havoc if left to run amok. She must always be bound, but never too tight for she is also Joy.
Rage is a screaming beast, made of molten heat and lightning speed. He often keeps company with Fear. He must be waited out with immobile patience.

Valentine’s Cards

valentines IMG1142
IMG1145 IMG1144

Valentine’s Cards

Class: Surface Design
Goal: To create 2 Valentine’s Cards, with matching envelopes. Each required a front page illustrations, hand-written text, a half-drop pattern on the interior of the envelope and an optional illustration on exterior of the envelope. The intended audience was teen to young adult women.
Tools: Ink and Watercolor, Photoshop

Comic: The Adventure of Little Red

Little Red Page 1Little Red Page 2 Little Red Page 3

The Adventure of Little Red

Class: Narrative Illustration
Goal: A fully rendered comic of an updated version of an old fairytale. I chose Little Red Riding Hood, using a Japanese spin. The fox is a Kitsune – a type of fox spirit known for being able to shape-shift and create will-o-wisps. It was also inspired by a Japanese version of rock-paper-scissors, where the fox beats the village leader (here represented by his daughter-little red), hunter beats the fox, and the village leader outranks the hunter.

Holiday Bus Wrap Concept

Holiday Themed Bus Wrap for City Transit

School Project for : Advanced Illustration
To design a bus wrap concept to be used for the holiday season in town. Salvation army approached the school with the opportunity. This assignment was given to the entire fourth year of my program. One concept will be chosen and utilized by the city of Oakville.
Collaborated with: classmate Sheida Sims

Media: Ink, Photoshop

Recipe for Transitioning

Recipe for Transitioning

A Recipe For Transitioning

School Project for : Illustrative Visual Strategies
An image to go with an article about the step-by-step process of transitioning. Text in image reads “There is more to me than what’s in my shorts!”
8″ by 10″
Media: Mixed media – watercolour, paper collage, acryllic, gloss medium, ink