Funeral Comic

Funeral Comic

Class: Visual Narrative
Goal: To create a one page comic about a personal narrative that has strong emotions attached. Despite the emotional tale, I wanted to keep some humour. This was an assignment for the semester previous to this one. Finished around November 2012.
Media: Digital Painting

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Valentine’s Cards

valentines IMG1142
IMG1145 IMG1144

Valentine’s Cards

Class: Surface Design
Goal: To create 2 Valentine’s Cards, with matching envelopes. Each required a front page illustrations, hand-written text, a half-drop pattern on the interior of the envelope and an optional illustration on exterior of the envelope. The intended audience was teen to young adult women.
Tools: Ink and Watercolor, Photoshop

Comic: The Adventure of Little Red

Little Red Page 1Little Red Page 2 Little Red Page 3

The Adventure of Little Red

Class: Narrative Illustration
Goal: A fully rendered comic of an updated version of an old fairytale. I chose Little Red Riding Hood, using a Japanese spin. The fox is a Kitsune – a type of fox spirit known for being able to shape-shift and create will-o-wisps. It was also inspired by a Japanese version of rock-paper-scissors, where the fox beats the village leader (here represented by his daughter-little red), hunter beats the fox, and the village leader outranks the hunter.

Speed Comic: Everyday Cat

Speed Comic: Everyday Cat

Class: Narrative
Goal: A 6 panel comic with the theme of “Hunger”, requiring a hook at the end. I wanted to go for something with some humour to it. This was inspired by my everyday life living with a cat.
Tools: Photoshop, Wacom Tablet screen + Cintiq Pen
Time: 3 hours

Photoshop Experiments

Experiment 1: BlueBird

Class: Electronic Media
Goal: Today we finally got our pens to go with the tablet screens. In class we were experimenting with the different brushes in Photoshop CS6, creating our own brushes, and experimenting with pen pressure. I love these screens, it’s just like painting, without having to deal with mixing paint. Later we took our images into Cinema4D, but this is the image I did quickly in class while I was playing around.
Tools: Photoshop, Wacom Tablet screen + Cintiq Pen

Experiment 2: Black Sheep

Holiday Bus Wrap Concept

Holiday Themed Bus Wrap for City Transit

School Project for : Advanced Illustration
To design a bus wrap concept to be used for the holiday season in town. Salvation army approached the school with the opportunity. This assignment was given to the entire fourth year of my program. One concept will be chosen and utilized by the city of Oakville.
Collaborated with: classmate Sheida Sims

Media: Ink, Photoshop

Tsunami Fraud

Tsunami Victim

School Project for :
Illustrative Visual Strategies
Goal: Chose a fraud scheme and illustrate it in 3 scenes. I chose a fraud scheme where they pose as victims of the japanese tsunami disaster, or as a charity helping those victims. They lure charitable people in and steal their money.
Each is 8″ by 10″
Time: 12 hours
Media: Digital- All done in Photoshop

Kryon Intro

Kryon Introduction

School Project for: Electronic Media
Goal: This project was to take a company and make a short intro video that works with the existing logo
Program: Photoshop and After Effects