Colour Psychology Roughs – Red Bridges

Colour psychology has always been an interest of mine, which has easily seeped into my illustration.  I love learning and utilizing it with every piece I do, making itself into a powerful tool.

This first spot illustration was my experimenting with the idea of taking two colours with very conflicting messages (Light blue – serenity, calm, optimism. Red – action, aggression, passion)
My interpretation of the image is a feeling of hope and promise that comes with making a new connection with someone. A mix of the optimistic sky blue, and the action of vibrant red.

The Red Bride Roughs were inspired by the statistics that found red bridges and cars have far more accidents than any other colour. As well, red bridges statistically have many more suicides. Red grabs attention and focus, and encourages action. In these cases, that is a negative.

Some reading on Colour Psychology: New York Times



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